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I want to suspend disbelief, want to fail my reality check...

Ramblings, writings, and oodles of locked entries

7 November 1985
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Marriage is love.

I'm BerthaBlue. I live in New York state (for ONE YEAR. ONE YEAR and then home to Tara... er... I mean... Denver). I'm on internship, and when I finish, I will have my doctorate! I love working with children and adolescents, and am psyched to be able to do it on a daily basis. I'm happily single and I like it that way. I'm 25. I'm hardcore obsessed with All Things Amanda Fucking Palmer. She has changed my life in ways I'd never have imagined. I met people I never thought I would have.

Everything works itself out in the end. It always has.

As far as the LJ world, I have a hard time updating. I tweet compulsively now, although the idea of a public forum to meet people (i.e. LJ) is still highly appealing. Maybe I'll get back into it :)

I'm starting to use this journal more as a place to host my writing. Currently, that's some sexy m/m action, with a slavery vibe, preferably. Maybe even some True Blood fanfic. Maybe even some old ass poems and short stories and journal entries I wrote way back in the day when I was an angsty little teenlet :) (Actually, I was less angsty and more "HOLY SHIT DISTURBED!"). I like fanfic, and original fic, and deep, dark, disturbing things. Mmm, feed my fire!

The strange thing - your life might end up changing while you're dancing through life.
-Wicked the Musical

Everything you read here is true. It's probably more than you ever wanted to know about me. It's more than I'd tell you, but exactly what I'd say if you asked. So, if my rambling entries aren't comprehensive enough... ask. I like honesty. And pie. But that is an entirely separate matter.

You'll understand once you start reading.

Bisexuality is Beautiful.

And to where have I traveled?

Where have you visited?

Here's a few links to one of the little pet projects in my life. I've had an interest in child advocacy and an anti-corporal punishment attitude for a while now, and I find these two websites particularly convincing. On that note, if you are a fan of abusing children, please ingest large quantities of your own fecal matter. That should take care of you pretty well.